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FEATHER ROCK YOGA + WELLNESS ~ practice for life

~ practice for life ~

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Welcome to Feather Rock Yoga and Wellness! I’ve been dreaming about a “place” where both the soft and hard spots of life could be celebrated and skillfully integrated into the whole of an experience, of a life. A place where everyday observations could spark heartfelt daily intentions. It is my hope that this website could be a touchstone for those seeking practices that support and honor the individual while recognizing that it is our interdependence that manifests the best versions of ourselves.

Feather Rock is the intersection of my love and respect for the practices of yoga and meditation and my firsthand observation of the healing benefits of Reiki and pure essential oils. Yoga, when practiced skillfully, can show us just where we are working both on our mats and in our lives. Meditation helps to anchor us in knowing our truest selves, to cultivate the confidence to experience our lives in a more moment to moment way. Reiki brings us to a state of relaxation and acceptance in which our bodies remember how to heal themselves. Essential oils offer emotional and healing support.

Whether delightful or difficult, light or heavy, feather or rock, our lives are happening. We are continually receiving the lessons we need to embody an open heart, mind, and spirit. We only need to become still enough to recognize them. May the offerings of Feather Rock support you in your intentions, connections, and service to what is most meaningful in your life.

Sammy Brown Goodrich

teaching schedule

Tuesdays | 10:30-11:30 | Slow Flow | On The Mat, Concord

Fridays | 9:30-10:45 | Flow|On The Mat, Concord

Sundays | 4:30-5:45pm | Flow | On The Mat Yoga, Concord

Additional Teaching Dates

In the summer months, I teach weekly group and private yoga classes at the Town Hall on Cuttyhunk Island, MA. Our space has a beautiful tin ceiling, ocean breezes and all the charm of a small island community. All are welcome!


As a male attending a yoga class for the first time, I was quite unsure about being able to keep up with everyone. Fortunately, I was welcomed and felt at ease almost immediately.  Sam reassured me that she would demonstrate the positions, help align my various limbs that were not as flexible as those around me and stressed the importance of my breath.  She explained that the class was for me and not to compare myself with others but rather enjoy the time and develop my practice. I left after the first few classes with a new appreciation for yoga by feeling calmer, well stretched, and less needing to rush through my day. I look forward to the summer when I can regularly attend and benefit from her amazing class.

I truly enjoy my time on the mat with Sam. She has the special gift of helping me connect my body and mind. To be present in the moment I am with her in class. She is supportive and nurturing and never judging. Five stars!


"The ceremony kind of sets the tone for the rest of the celebration, and you really brought exactly the kind of energy that Chris and I were hoping for."

from the bride
"Sammy has a beautiful, calming, gentle presence about her. It is evident that she takes the time to carefully plan out her classes and they are beautifully choreographed to music that fits the mood and moment. When I leave Sammy's classes I feel as though I have been in the  presence of someone who really cares about me. It's not just a yoga class, it's an experience that leaves you feeling renewed and hopeful.  She takes the time to teach with gentle touch to help her students gain the most from their time in class."
Sam is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her calm instruction that is tailored to each individual in the class is remarkable. Every class is a gift. I feel as though I not only improve my practice, but I gain valuable perspective on my life. Her ability to focus on the importance of positioning, breathing, and clearing one's mind is the best I have ever experienced.  For me, she is the gold standard and although other yoga classes are wonderful, Sam's are special. I leave each class feeling balanced and prepared for the day ahead. Plus, her special oils that she rubs into my temples at the end of class are the best!


Private Yoga Lessons

Nice for those working with limitations and/or injuries. In a one-on-one session, sequences may be customized to better support a student’s sense of being at home in their own body, heart and mind. Yoga, when practiced skillfully, can show us where we are working both on our mats and in our lives.

Meditation Instruction

For those looking to begin a personal meditation practice. Meditation helps to anchor us in knowing our truest selves, to cultivate the confidence to experience our lives in a more moment to moment way.


Reiki brings us to a state of relaxation and acceptance in which our bodies remember how to heal themselves. Reiki leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and more in tune with yourself.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. Learn more about essential oils and how they can support you in living a more natural lifestyle.


Stay in touch…

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Writing is healing for me. Pen to paper. Fingers to keypad. Communicating a heartfelt observation feels natural. I don’t claim to be a writer. Punctuation and metaphor are mysteries to me. I majored in Spanish. No. I am not a writer. But the process of writing is giving me back to myself. Thank you for taking an interest.

*According to a “touchstone” is a true friend without criticisms and judgement, who loves you unconditionally.

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